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Some interesting reasons to use TamTam messenger:

📞 Free call: TamTam messenger is more than a text messenger. Make free and high-quality calls to your friends with voice and video.
💻 Web version and personal computer software: Even when your mobile phone is not available, TamTam messenger is available through any personal computer and internet browser on any operating system.
🚫 No need for password: The only thing you need to start a chat is your phone number. simply!
🔒 Security: All messages are encrypted in TamTam and servers are stored on the distributed network. We have designed our own protocol for the transfer of any private information, and we take care of privacy by using well-known data protection algorithms such as TLS encryption protocols.
Offline access: You do not have Internet access? Still, you can still access your chat and see your audio and video files. Messages that have not been sent to the Internet definitely will be sent as soon as the Internet is reconnected.
🆓 Free and no ads: TamTam messenger is free.
Channels: Search and read related channels of interest.
💬 Chat options: Add friends, family or colleagues to group chats. You can chat privately or publicly. The choice is yours.
Organizers: Sometimes the words are not enough on their own, our designers have designed thousands of interesting stickers, including moving stickers.
More features are on the way! We are currently developing some great features for you. Use TamTam and wait for our new features.

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david Administrator
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